Transforming Textile Printing

TRAPIS: Eco-friendly and versatile textile printing


TRAPIS: A Sustainable Innovation in Textile Printing

Discover TRAPIS, the innovative waterless digital printing solution transforming the textile industry. Developed by Mimaki, TRAPIS (Transfer Pigment System) offers eco-friendly printing with minimal water usage. Its two-step process, executed by the Mimaki TS330 printer, ensures vibrant designs on various fabrics. With up to 90% less water waste and a 92% carbon footprint reduction compared to traditional methods, TRAPIS is ideal for sustainable production. Its versatility allows for dynamic designs and short runs, catering perfectly to eco-conscious businesses.

TS330-1600 (1)

Unique features

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  • Versatility 
    Print on any fabric, from clothing to home decoration. TRAPIS works with all types of fabrics including cotton, silk, polyester, or nylon, offering users more freedom.
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  • Sustainability
    Use less water and help the environment. TRAPIS saves up to 90% water waste and reduces carbon emissions by up to 92%, making printing more eco-friendly.
  • Simplicity
    TRAPIS is user-friendly, eliminating the need for extensive training. It's perfect for small businesses or on-demand.
  • Flexibility
    Print as much or as little as you need and save money. TRAPIS allows you to adjust printing quantities to demand, minimising material and cost waste.