Maximise your productivity

…with the JFX600-2513 industrial large format flatbed LED-UV printer

The JFX600-2513 large format flatbed LED-UV printer

With the development of this new flagship, true flatbed printer, Mimaki shows commitment to the industrial printing industry. Packed with state-of-the-art technology and functionality, it will exceed customers’ demands.

Experience the eye-catching quality and the versatility of substrates to print on. And with 5 different ink types and multiple ink sets to choose from, the list of applications seems endless. Utilising Mimaki’s 7th generation reliable LED-UV technology ensures quick turnaround times for all your orders.

JFX600 Product Image

Unique features

  • Extreme productivity – Over three times faster than its predecessor, the JFX600-2513 positions itself at the top of the IP flatbed market.
  • Multiple print heads The JFX600-2513 comes equipped with 16 industrial built print heads for ultimate speed in 4-colour configuration, or 7-colour configuration for high definition.
  • IoT Ready – Easy integration for automated, unattended production using robotics.
  • Ease of operation with our new MPC Mimaki Printer Controller software is the “on-board” PC which combines machine setup, printer operation and job control via a large user-friendly touch panel.